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About Us

Our dream started in Venezuela where we opened the first of our four stores called, Mazal Gourmet. The stores were named to honor our dear mother. Her name was Mazal, which means, “luck”. However,... there was no luck involved in our stores. We use the same Mediterranean recipes that were passed down from generation to generation to Mazal, the same family recipes that she used to prepare our meals, with love and devotion. In 2011 we moved to Houston and brought our dream with us. We created Gusto Gourmet, where our friends and neighbors can enjoy a fusion of our past and present, a fusion of the wonderful Mediterranean foods from Mazal’s kitchen, along with the Latin recipes that we have also grown to love. And so our dream continues. You are cordially invited to visit our store and to sample your favorite delicacies. You won’t be disappointed! See you soon!
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3306 S Shepherd Dr
Houston TX, 77098
(713) 344-0892